1000 Tabbed Reflective Dots for Quad or HMT or GC3

1000 Tabbed Reflective Dots for Quad or HMT or GC3

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If you are looking you probably know what these are.  The are the best retro reflective club dots made from the best original material.  They are professionally die cut to exactly 5mm with the tabs for easy application.  Peel them directly from the sheets.  No dispenser waste.   From the manufacturer they cost $150 for 500 dots.   Buy a sheet here for $80 for 1000 dots.   That's less than 1/3 of the price you would normally pay.   Plus I will guarantee them.   Try them and if they are NOT absolutely perfect, send them back to me for a full refund.


    If they don't work for you, just send them back and I will give you a full refund.


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